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What d●o you know about it Where has● she gone His questions pi●

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    led one upon another unintelligibly. ●What in the world do you mean gasped Lyon.▓ The curtain-- He tore him●self away and rushed upstairs to his window.Ki●ttie's curtain was down to the very● bottom in the left hand window.▓Gone! he exclaimed, in blank b▓ewilderment

    H●e determine

    . Olden had fol▓lowed close. She pulled the curtai●n down just now,--just before● you came in.I was watching,--●I have been watching all t

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    he time,--I saw her co●me and pull it down. How did y▓ou know about the curtains asked Lyon, realizi▓ng for the firs

    • d to go there to teleph?/li>
    • 坥ne.It was the nearest place and
    • in▓cidentally it would enable h
    im to get Ki●
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    t time that Olde●n was betraying knowledge that he w●as not supposed to have. I heard what● you said at the 'phone.I knew what you came he●re for, of course,--that's why I let ●you come,--you were to help me watch withou▓t knowing it,--and now she has gone,--slipped

    ttie's latest

    aw▓ay before our very eyes,-- ● Who are you Woods Broughto●n.He pronounced the name wi▓th careless impatience, as though he had ne●ver tri

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    ed to keep it a secret.Wh●at are you going to do We must f●ind her. Come downstairs, said Lyon, ad▓justing himself to the new situ

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    ation.▓ We must telephone to Howell. ▓ Howell was not an imaginative man, and it took● some time to make him grasp the do▓uble ide

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    a that Mrs.Broughton had● disappeared and that Lyon's l▓andlord had suddenly turned out to be▓ Broughton himself.The whole▓ thing wa

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    s irregular, and he felt himself conf●used and embarrassed.But he agreed that he m●ust come at once for a consulta●tion. I think w

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    the knuckl●es were white, and his heavy-featured face, shap●ed by half a century of business ▓life into lines of impassive

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    self-con▓trol, was wrenched by emotion that was half pi▓tiful, half ludicrous.To find out what ▓hold this man Lawren

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    ce has upon her,--to kill h▓im, perhaps,-- Lawrence Good h▓eavens, what nonsense! cried Lyon.What▓ made you connect he

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    r with Lawre●nce in any way I told you tha●t it was a letter that came from Waynscott th●at first upset her.She had been h

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    Johny Johnson

    --it was▓ Arthur

    Lawrence. You could read nothing● else No, but I, found her unfi●nished answer in her writing desk.▓ What did she say asked Lyon, ●in a calm voice. Broughton struggle▓d to keep his voice steady.She sa●id that she was the most unhappy woman▓ in the world,--God, I had been so?/p>

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    at he had been ri▓ght in warning her against marry●ing me, and that she must see him.I had no chan●ce to read more, for she was coming, and ▓I could not let her suspect I had see▓n anything.But I made my plans from th●at moment.I told her that I w●as called away on


den.He fairly hurled himse

a sudden business trip.▓ As

I expected, as

soon as I was off

, she ●started for Wayn

scott.I followed

her, in thi●s disguise.She went

at once to Lawrence's● office,-- H

lf at Ly


on,● crushing his arm wit

is law office, in the Equity B

u▓ilding Y

es.Then she went t

o Miss Elliott●'s.That

was on a Monday.

Monday night, you wil▓l remember,

Lawrence killed Fullerton, a●nd the

h an iro

next day he


●n grasp. The curtain

was arres▓ted.That stopped th

eir plan●s, w

hatever they were.

She has kept ●her room

at Miss Elliott'

s, and ▓I took this house, which

happened▓ to be vacant, so that I cou

is down,
Collect from /


--have you▓ seen What doe

ld keep a ●close watch on her

.She has n▓ev

er gone out.Dr.Bar

ry has been to see he▓r

, as you know.I

have had Phillips get a▓ daily re

port from Barry, under co▓lor of wiri

s it mea

Drop in here

ng to me. Then you came alo●ng, Mr.Lyon.I had seen and hea●rd enough to know that you were● a friend of Lawrence's, so I took


you in●, because

ay Can't you speak

I wanted to know everythi▓ng about

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